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There's no roadmap to success in this industry.

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Broadway Vocal Coach Class Schedule

Meet your Coaches

Cynthia Kortman Westphal

Broadway/Tours: THE LION KING, COME FROM AWAY, A CHRISTMAS STORY... Music director, conductor, Estill certified voice teacher.

Chelsea Wilson

Broadway/Tours: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, SCHOOL OF ROCK, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR... Institute for Vocal Advancement certified voice teacher.

Erin Wilson

Broadway/Tours: WICKED, SISTER ACT. Working actor on stage and film, coach, and Institute for Vocal Advancement certified voice teacher.

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Past series include workshops with casting directors Rachel Hoffman and Alison Franck; a Q&A with Tony Award-winning Gavin Creel; masterclass with agent Sean McKnight, a headshot deep dive with photographer Ted Ely; masterclasses with music director Mary Mitchell Campbell and vocal coach Fiona McDougal; online presence for actors webinar with Sarah Kleist; mindfulness and mental fortitude with Renee Maranan, and more!

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"Before working with BVC, audition prep could feel frantic and stressful but now its easy and its all in one place.

I love the studio classes and the chance to work with your material and put it on its feet before you go into the audition room or self tape.

I'm confident I’m always doing my best work.

-Devon, BVC Member on tour with PRETTY WOMAN


“The #1 reason to join BVC is to have fun discovering the powerful singing voice that you may not even know is inside of you.

Chelsea and Cynthia are like musical wizards, and it is incredible the sounds they can draw forth and coax you into making with the gentlest of tweaks to technique and a few funny exercises here and there.

Identifying as a singer is one of my new favorite things since joining BVC.

It makes my heart happy.”

-Stephanie, BVC Member in Washington, USA

"Just wanted to drop in and thank you both again for the opportunity to sing for Fiona tonight. Plus, well, every chance I’ve had to sing for and learn from the both of you!

I love that what you’re offering with BVC extends beyond performing, into how we think and take care of ourselves.

It’s something that’s often glossed over by other mentors, so I’m glad that you’ve made it a focus point. Your support and knowledge have been invaluable!"

- Marga, BVC Member in Manila, Philipines

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The BVC Membership is the first and only online coaching program of its kind.

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Studio Classes 8-10x/mo • Valued at $1200

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Piano tracks • Valued at $100+

Audition Cuts • Valued at $100+

Resource Library • Valued at $1000+ (but actually priceless)

Total monthly value $2,800! 

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  • Studio Classes 6-8x/mo
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  • Resource Library
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Valued at $2,800!

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