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Why a membership?

By bundling everything together, the BVC Membership gives you affordable access to the best services. You can get all the help you need to be most successful. 

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How it works:

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  • Sing in Studio Classes offered 3 times a month
  • Pop into weekly Office Hours for quick help + advice
  • Learn from from industry leaders and wellness practitioners in our monthly Special Guest Series
  • Get musical support with cuts, tracks, and repertoire

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  • Invest in yourself, then reap the rewards
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What happens in Studio Class?

Weekly group Studio Classes provide one-on-one feedback from your coach, AND the opportunity to sing in front of others. 

In class, you'll refine your material and become more confident singing in front of others. Learn to calm your audition anxieties in a constructive and supportive atmosphere.

And even if you aren’t currently auditioning, come and SING! Keep your skills and artistry in top shape, no matter what season you're in.

Classes provide:

  • One-on-one performance and vocal feedback from your BVC coach
  • Opportunities to workshop a song—there’s no pressure to have a “perfect” product
  • Support and encouragement from fellow BVC members
  • Observational learningyou can almost always apply what another actor is being coached on to your own process

What happens in Office Hours?

Office Hours is the perfect opportunity to get instant feedback, advice, and musical help. Don't waste your valuable voice lesson time discussing what we can solve for you in just minutes. 

Weekly Office Hours is the place for all your questions and quandaries, such as

  • I have three song options. What do you think I should sing for this audition?
  • Does this count as a pop/rock song?
  • How can I get seen for the upcoming [title of show]?  
  • They’re asking for a “short cut”—is this cut too long?
  • Can you help me make a cut in this song?
  • I have a new song to learn, but I don’t read music!
  • Can you play my melody (or harmony) line for me and record it?
  • What should I wear to my audition?
  • I need new rep ideas! 

This is your opportunity to get instant feedback on anything and everything!  

Attend our monthly Special Guest Series:

Broadway Stars, casting directors, agents and managers, directors and choreographers, and more come to YOU each month for our Special Guest Series. 

Past series include workshops with casting directors Rachel Hoffman and Alison Franck; a Q&A with Tony Award-winning Gavin Creel; a headshot deep dive with photographer Ted Ely; masterclasses with music director Mary Mitchell Campbell and vocal coach Fiona McDougal; online presence for actors webinar with Sarah Kleist; and more!

How do I get musical help with repertoire, piano tracks, and audition cuts?

With your BVC Membership, you can get all the musical services you need in one place.

Cuts and Rep:

For 90% of audition cut and repertoire requests, we can help you during Office Hours. We’ll work with you to make a cut of your song, and/or help you mark up your music so that it is clear to an audition pianist. Same goes for repertoire consulting. Office Hours is your first line of support!

Additional Audition Cut Support:

However, if your song is more complicated (i.e. you need an accompaniment written out for a piece of music that is only chord changes, or if you need it transposed to a different key), there will be an additional fee to enter it into a music software program. With this service, we will have a brief phone consultation to make sure that we are clear on what exactly is needed.

Piano Tracks:

If you need piano accompaniment/practice vocal tracks made, all you have to do is submit a request on your membership dashboard. Members can request one piano track per week and each submission includes one major edit (for example, if we get the tempo wrong, etc.).

Need more than one track in one week? Multiple track requests can be submitted for an additional fee.

How do I access other professional resources?

Beyond live online classes, your BVC Membership includes access to a growing library of resources hosted on your BVC dashboard. Things like: 

  • Repertoire lists
  • Worksheets
  • Warm-up tracks and videos
  • Replays of many of our past Special Guest Series workshops
  • Mini courses
  • Selections from past Studio Classes (permission will always be asked before we share anyone’s individual work)

This library is continuing to grow month by month!

The BVC Membership is the first and only online coaching program of its kind.

When you join Broadway Vocal Coach, you get the following—every month!

Studio Classes 4x/mo • Valued at $600

Office Hours 4x/mo • Valued at $400

Special Guest Series 1x/mo • Valued at $200

Piano tracks • Valued at $100+

Audition Cuts • Valued at $100+

Resource Library • Valued at $1000+ (but actually priceless)

Total monthly value $2,400! 

Ready to join Broadway Vocal Coach?

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BVC Membership


  • Studio Classes 4x/mo
  • Weekly Office Hours 
  • Special Guest Series 1x/mo
  • Piano Tracks
  • Audition Cuts
  • Repertoire Consulting
  • Resource Library
  • Plus, access to our BVC community pages & groups

Valued at $2,400!