How to Get the Best Audio for Audition Self Tapes

auditioning self-tape Jul 01, 2022
Woman is making a self-tape using her phone and a tripod. Here you can find a free guide for how to get the best audio for actors making audition tapes.

Making a Self-Tape Doesn't Have to Feel Frustrating Get our free guide here.


Self-Tape audio doesn’t need to be complicated! 🔊

❌Don’t use an your smart phone or computer speakers to play your track, the quality is poor and lacks robust volume.

✅Do use an external set of speakers. The sound is much richer and louder, and that kind of aural support helps you sing better!

❌Don’t face your external speaker AT the CAMERA. You’ll likely drown out your own singing voice.

✅Do face the external speaker at YOU, either coming at you from the side or from the front. You need the music loud and vibrant in your ear, and the camera will pick up plenty of sound from those positions.

✅Do use your smart phone mic! Its plenty advanced to record excellent audio quality.

🎤If you want to go the extra mile, pick up a little external mic that plugs right into your phone. You can order this Saramonic SmartMic mini for smartphones online for $25.

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