What You Actually Need in Your Audition Book

audition songs auditioning repertoire Nov 21, 2022

Written By: Chelsea & Cynthia 

If you’re a musical theatre performer, chances are you have spent countless hours agonizing over your audition book.

Finding material that shows your unique brand of talent, skill, charm, and pizazz can be an agonizing process, one that never seems to end! We get it, that initial 16 or 32 bar audition cut says a lot about you in the audition room and we want you to hit it out of the park!

If you’re ready to stop fretting over your book, then you’re in the right place. Today we’re talking about the traps actors fall into when building their book, the best process for building your book, and the must-have songs in your audition repertoire. 

The Traps Of Building Your Audition Book:

  1. Too much material: Having a song in every category in every tempo in every range. Plus, you can’t keep that much material fresh!

  2. Trying to show too much: "Desperation high note" - That high X you attempt to screlt likely reeks of desperation instead of confidence.

  3. Feeling like you need to show extremes: These songs only work once in a blue moon on a perfect voice day.

  4. A book full of "skills" at the expense of storytelling: You don't need to be everything for all people. You can’t!

The Best Process For Building Your Book.

This is exactly the process we take our members through inside the BVC membership. The point is to find clarity.

  1. What are your dream roles and shows?

  2. Sort the intriguing roles/shows into categories.

  3. Discover & practice  songs that work for you that fall into those newfound categories.

The Must Have Categories/Songs In Your Book:

  1. "Even If": The song you can perform with ease regardless of if you're sick, you have allergies, you had a melty in the parking lot or you just had a breakup. 

  2. Pop Song: 80% of all musicals are either written in a pop rock style, or ask for pop rock music to be used in the audition - be prepared to show your ability to perform it!

  3. Golden Age ballad: Show your legato singing. Cynthia: In shows I've worked on, even the very contemporary: there's always some ensemble track that has to sing in a high soprano, high tenor, and we have to see if you can carry the line.

  4. "What Else" can you show us? Especially in call backs. Show us what you love, what you do, what speaks to who you are and why will you be fun to cast. We've already determined you fit in the world of our show, now show us what sets you apart!

Above all - show up with confidence! Skills can be tested, but that intangible factor cannot. Cultivate a book that showcases your confidence, paired with the suggested categories above, and feel prepared when that next audition presents itself!

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