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inspiration May 23, 2023

Written By: Chelsea & Cynthia 

Since November 2022, we have been on a new journey for BVC, as we recorded and published 30 weekly episodes of our podcast. What started as a whim of an idea of Chelsea's, turned into a new way for us to connect with our community, and we have been so encouraged by the outpouring of support as we have navigated the podcast world.

With that being said, this week we launched our Season One finale, as we take a break for the summer before returning in the fall.

To celebrate, we wanted to take some time to reflect on our favorite moments and takeaways from the past few months. And as we look back on the journey that has been launching this podcast, an overarching theme can be discovered:

Just Show up And Jump In

That has been the story of our partnership since the very beginning. We show up, launch it, and then learn along the way. We build the plane as we are flying.

There's a lesson in that because if you're an actor or a creative person reading this, you're going to learn so much from just putting your first self-tape on video or showing up to your first voice lesson and taking that first step towards improving your voice or feeling more confident as a singer. You're going to learn so much when you show up to your first live audition in your hometown or in New York City, and you will never be "prepared enough" to take that leap.

You have to go and learn from the experience. There is so much power in just getting something out there, rather than trying to make sure it's perfect. It'll never be perfect.

Our Second Lesson: It's Okay To Pivot

Around 10 or 15 episodes in and we decided to switch gears and bring in guests and it has been such a joy to let this podcast project develop in that direction. To bring in other people, learn from others, have different voices on this show, and hear their perspectives, has become so vital to what we do on the podcast. 

We feel that mindset is important too if you're an actor or performer. Start going into the room, see what you're getting called back for, and make adjustments as necessary. Slap something up on your actor website, your resume, your headshot, and a bio, and then adjust as necessary. Pivot as necessary. Get something going, and don't be afraid to make a change if and when needed.

Lesson Number Three: The Importance Of Networking

Something that we feel has come up with almost all of our guests is this concept of networking, and everyone refers to it a little bit differently and talks about it differently, but it has come up in nearly every conversation that we've had with artists who have come onto the podcast. Unprompted, it's not like we're pushing this agenda. They are coming in and every person has said, I reached out to this person and they connected me with this person, or I had just developed a great relationship over the course of my whole auditioning career, and therefore they, they knew I was right for, etc...

Something that we loved in episode 28 with Samantha Massell and Madeline Myers, Sam told this story of being recommended to "send one email on behalf of your career every day". We loved that advice because it might push people out of their comfort zone, but think about who you can reach out to and just be in touch with.

So much of this industry is about creating relationships and a network for yourself in a way that feels supportive and positive. That's so much of why we decided to found Broadway Vocal Coach to begin with, is because we really wanted to help folks who were entering the business or at a transition point in their professional career, and provide them with a safe place to show up, sing, receive mentorship and advice. We really want to foster that kind of network for artists.

We cannot pretend for one moment that we can do this on our talent alone or just on our own in general. Everyone needs a little bit of help, and having that network and reaching out to people is crucial.

Lesson Number Four: You Are Not Your Job Description

In episode 20 with Emily Kristen Morris, she shared how during the pandemic she leaned into teaching and being a coach and a voice teacher and establishing that huge platform for herself. Additionally, she shared how that has influenced and maybe even open some doors for herself as a performer. You just never know how the other things that you're interested in or good at, can affect your life, whether it's personally or professionally.

It's a good reminder to take the time to question, who are you as a whole person? Especially for young artists, performing and being an actor is not your entire identity. You are inherently valuable and have worth outside of what show you're doing right now.

This business can be hard and you can feel knocked down at times. But having something else that is sort of there for you, even when this business gets really hard, is really important. So find something that's low stakes, a hobby or interest, that will be there for you regardless of your "success". It's like having a pet that will be there for you with compassion and joy no matter what. 

Lesson Number Five: There's No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

For so much of this business and even the college audition process, there are so many different ways to approach things. And there isn't a one-size-fits-all that works for every single student and every single family. 

Whether you are a high school student, the parent of a high school student looking to go into the college audition process, or you are a pre-professional or a professional, there's no one "right" path.

That's been a theme that we've tried to be really conscious of here on this podcast, but of course, in our own teaching as well. We coach individuals. We don't coach the masses to tell everyone to do the same thing. When we get to work with our clients, whether they are college prep students or they're our ongoing professional clients inside BVC Studio, getting that one-on-one mentorship and being able to really address each person as the individual that they are is a huge part of our core values and philosophy here at Broadway Vocal Coach.

We are so grateful for the BVC Podcast and the opportunity it has given us to connect with our community! Be on the lookout for Season Two in September, and until then - Happy Summer!!

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