Is it Too Late For a Career in Musical Theatre?

auditioning broadway industry inspiration Sep 01, 2023

Written By: Cynthia Kortman Westphal

I was tuning in to one of my favorite podcasts – "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." They had an interview with Brian May, the legendary guitar player from Queen. He shared that back in 1971 when he joined the band, he made the tough call to leave school, where he was studying to become an astrophysicist. Fast forward, Queen became super successful, and Brian May wrote a bunch of their huge hits while still performing with them.

Then, a mind-blowing twist: in 2007, 35 years later, he went back to school and aced his doctorate – yup, in astrophysics. This story is a mic drop on the idea that it's never too late to chase your dreams.

No matter what you've been up to, how successful you've been elsewhere, or how many years have passed, here's the truth: if you're passionate about something, just go for it. No more second-guessing. You've got the green light.

So, picture this as your official permission slip. Musical theater is calling your name, whether you're reviving your old love, diving in for the first time, or blending it with what you're already into.

Now, guess what? The BVC Academy is your go-to guide. It's like having backstage access to the world of musical theater. This isn't just about learning the ropes – you're getting real tools, solid info, and skills you can use straight off the bat. And guess what? There's no such thing as "too late."

So, let's make it loud and clear – Brian May's story is the proof. No matter where you're standing, your passion is your power. BVC Academy is your stage, ready to rock your world. Don't wait for a sign; this is it. 🎤🌟

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