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4 New Songs

Need a repertoire refresh? We'll choose four new songs for you—perfectly tailored to your taste, needs, and strengths. 

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4 New Songs + Cut and Track

Need a repertoire refresh? We'll choose four new songs for you. 

Plus, choose your favorite of our picks and we'll provide you with a PDF of an excellent audition cut AND a piano track of that cut. 

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12 New Songs + 2 Cuts and 2 Tracks

Need a complete repertoire overhaul? We'll choose twelve new songs for you.

Plus, choose your two favorite songs from our recommendations and we'll provide you with PDFs of an excellent long and short audition cut AND piano tracks of those cuts. (That's a total of 4 cuts and 4 tracks!)

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How does it work? 

1. Tell us what you need


Once your purchase is complete, you'll be directed to fill out a form where you can tell us exactly what you need.

Song replacements for "The Life I Never Led"? Repertoire perfect for a Mean Girls audition? Song ideas in 'Golden Age Ingenue' and 'Angsty Teen' categories? We've got you!

2. Get your rep


You can expect to get your personalized repertoire suggestions within one week of completing our form. 

3. Choose your cuts


if you've purchased one of our packages with audition cuts and piano tracks included, lucky you!

After you've received your list of song ideas, tell us your favorite piece(s) and we'll get to work creating a perfect audition cut for you—exactly to your specifications! Sheet music PDF(s) and piano track(s) will be sent to you within a few days and are included in the cost of your Repertoire Revamp package. 

Pick the package that's right for you!

4 New Songs


You'll get:

  • 4 new song suggestions to replace or augment your current audition repertoire

This repertoire revamp package is perfect for you if you need to replace an existing song in your audition book. Perhaps it's overdone, or maybe it just doesn't showcase your unique talents!

Get a jolt of inspiration with new songs custom picked for you with this package!

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4 New Songs + Audition Cut & Piano Track


You'll get:

  •  4 new song suggestions
  •  A custom audition cut (PDF) of the song of your choice
  •  A piano track of that custom audition cut

This option is perfect for you if you need a killer song to take into live auditions or to create a self-tape that showcases your unique personality and talents.

With your included audition cut and piano track, you're ready for whatever audition scenario arises!

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12 New Songs + 2 Audition Cuts & 2 Piano Tracks


You'll get:

  • 12 new song suggestions perfectly tailored to you and your needs!

  • A PDF of a long cut and a short cut of TWO songs of your choosing (that's 4 audition cuts total!)

  • Piano tracks for each of those cuts (that's 4 piano tracks total!)

  • Plunk tracks (we play the melody for you!) if you need that as well. 

This option is right for you if you need a total overhaul of your audition material. It guarantees you have everything you need to walk into live auditions OR to create a self-tape feeling confident and prepared!

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Want totally custom audition song suggestions like you've seen on our Instagram?

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